Clinical Placement Expansion Programme

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To support healthcare course growth, both planned and as a consequence of the Department for Education’s ‘5,000 additional undergraduate healthcare course place’ bidding, HEE has launched the Clinical Placement Expansion Programme.  

 NHS England & NHS Improvement ran the Clinical Placements Support Programme for nursing in 2019, with 142 NHS Trusts working together with their local higher education institutions to create more than 7,500 new nursing clinical placement places. HEE is repeating this scheme for 2020 and expanding this to include placements for students training in selected allied health professions (AHP).  

Bids to the Clinical Placements Expansion Programme can complement other funding bids, such as those already entered for AHP clinical facilities and to the Strategic Support Fund. Only by increasing both course places and placement capacity together will see the growth in pre-registration training that the Interim People Plan demands, and we hope to see alignment of bids between bids to the DfE for additional course places and to HEE for clinical placement expansion funding.

The documents can be downloaded here: 

Clinical Placements Expansion Programme for AHPs - 29 June 2020

Clinical Placements Expansion Programme - bidding proforma

CPEP AHP Bidding Template - June 2020

There are bidding forms for placement providers/facilitators to complete, and these need to be returned to by 5pm on Friday 17th July.